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With our professional services, you will be in better control of migration application process, your business investment portfolio and your new chapter in Taiwan.

Migration Scheme

Investment Migration Scheme for Hong Kong & Macau Permanent Residents

Requirements :

  • Possess Hong Kong / Macau passport
  • Setup or invest in company in Taiwan with NT$6,000,000 of investment
  • Guarantor (Taiwan citizen as legal guarantor)
  • No criminal record
  • Body check
  • To run the business for at least 3 years
  • To employ at least 2 Taiwanese staff
  • To submit your certified financial statement to MOEAIC every year

Dependents (*All dependent family members must be Hong Kong / Macau Permanent Residents):

  • Spouse
  • Unmarried Children under 20 years of age

Migration Process

Estimated processing time is based upon our successful applications to date and may vary case by case as well as subject to latest government procedures.

Our Services

Application Management

Whether it’s application form or documentation, we’ll show and guide you how to get to required document to furnish application submission.

Portfolio Planning

Migration is a complicated and complex process, but it’s going to be more efficient and effective with our professional services. Let us talk you through the available options.

Business Plan Preparation

Business Plan is the more important component of the application criteria and requires in-depth local know-how. We’ll help you plan and prepare for your application.

Housing & Accommodation

A well-organized migration is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to your family. We will help you through property search, relocation & shipment, and other logistics.

Tax Planning & Audit Return Filing

Optimise your tax filing with smart planning and compliance diligence.

Operation & Management

The best businesses are planned. We can help you setup, operate and manage the business in the support arrangement of your choice.